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Date:May 09, 2012

Why Should You Take Action Now?

Three simple reasons why you should start using Filiver NOW:

  1. You can see a clock or wrist-watch but time can not be seen. Time is money because as the owner of your firm, you pay for every minute of your staff’s time. If a computer can do some things, the computer should do it because it not only increases productivity, but it also helps you making more money using the extra time you create with Filiver. Use this time to review clients’ business more intricately and provide actionable intelligence to your clients.
  2. As a CPA firm, a financial statement or a tax return or a payroll statement is NOT your deliverable to your clients. Every CPA firm produces these documents. Your clients prefer you because you make more sense out of these documents than your competitor firm can make. Your clients pay for business intelligence that only you can deliver to them from that information. Your clients do not pay for searching, finding and moving files. Filiver thus helps you to deliver more value to your clients.
  3. Your hard earned money is being wasted in activities that a computer can do easily. It is as good as putting cash in dustbin. A Dollar saved is a Dollar earned. If you have eight persons in your firm, by using Filiver, you can actually make $ 100,000+ more a year, starting NOW.

What to do next?

  • Try Filiver Now. Completely Free of Cost, No Obligation, for 15 days.
  • Use Filiver internally with your staff. Create as many user logins as you want – for all your staff if you want.
  • Once you are delighted with what you experience, roll out Filiver access to your clients.
  • Filiver is the only technological solution available in the marketplace that does NOT charge you per user. You invest only a very very tiny fraction of what you earn using Filiver, just for one, single yet unlimited users, most economical license fee.

Data Security in Filiver

  • Filiver is a secure, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud Based, data storage and retrieval solution that is built exclusively for CPA firms. Filiver platform is seeded with Artificial Intelligence technologies and as we add more and more power to Filiver, the system will become more and more intelligent based on your usage patterns and the consumer behavior of your staff and clients. In other words, Filiver has in-built potential to intelligently learn what you want it to do for you and it will keep adapting itself to make your work faster, easier and actually eliminate and minimize repetitive steps in your process flows.
  • Your data and files in Filiver are securely stored at a large data center which has all contemporary, industry class arrangements to protect the data from accidental loss, unwanted access and other omissions and commissions.
  • When the files move from your office to Filiver and from Filiver to a client’s computer, the movement if protected by industry standard encryption protocols.
  • Filiver securely logs access details such as date, time, user id and ip address from where the system was accessed, every time.
  • Pransform, it’s employees or any third party does NOT have any access to any files that you keep in Filiver. Your files in Filiver are accessible to only those persons to whom you grant access.
  • For improving the artificial intelligence of Filiver to create many more powerful benefits for you, your firm and your clients, Pransform shall, on a need basis, collect information ONLY ABOUT the usage patterns (e.g. which links got clicked more than others, how many times, in what time periods predominantly etc.).