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Date:May 09, 2012

How Does Filiver Stop Your Losses?

It is estimated that each person (including partners) in your firm who creates or handles digital files spends, on an average about 2 hours per working day in just searching for, finding and moving files. The fully loaded cost in most CPA firms is an average of $ 45 per manhour. The yearly cost of this delivery of files from starting point to the intended end point (to clients) turns out to be upto $ 20,000 a year PER PERSON.

Filiver does three important things.

  1. Once a file is saved to Filiver, searching for that file and actually finding it (and viewing it) becomes very easy and super-quick, not just for your clients but also for each and everyone in your firm (to whom you grant access).
  2. Filiver eliminates the entire effort of drafting emails, then searching, finding and attaching files to emails and then sending out emails. Filiver also saves time, effort and costs of client service.
  3. Filiver minimizes the need to print and courier reports etc., not only saving direct costs of material but also saves innumerable hours for these efforts.

The all important result of these three things that matter is the annual savings of upto $ 20,000 per person.