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  • “Find” the required information in split seconds.
  • “Instantly” answer client queries by finding required information in a jiffy. Much faster.
  • “Share” information with staff and clients. Controlled, Secure, Fast.
  • “Save” an hour or two per day per person.
  • “Save” time and efforts. No more searching, finding, attaching, printing, emailing, faxing, mailing to share information and documents.
  • “Save” mailing costs, for your firm and for your clients.
  • “Brand” it as YOUR solution. Integrates with your website beautifully.
  • “Differentiate” in the market-place.

What’s More?

  • Filiver is cost-effective. You do NOT pay per client.
  • Give access to unlimited number of clients, for FREE.
  • It is “Your Brand”. Clients access your website.
  • Fully customizable. Decide what you want to share with whom.
  • Control client, staff access at click of a button.